EXSdetect create three files using the string you provide with the "-o/--outfile" option or the "OutFile" parameter as a prefix. The default prefix is "EXS". The three output files are "EXS.fits", "EXS.reg", "EXS.dat".

"EXS.fits" contains the source region mask in fits format.

"EXS.reg" contains the source regions in ds9 format, extended sources in yellow and unresolved sources in green.

"EXS.dat" contains 9 columns:

0: Number
1: Net Count
2: Net Count in Core region
3: Source Area
4: SNR in core region
5: SNR of source
6: Image X
7: Image Y
8: Probability of classification
9: Exposure Time

Last modified: December 2013

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